Month: November 2015

Thanksgiving Side Dishes and Corporate Marketing

Creative Marketing results in Holiday Feast Compare your business to a holiday feast. There’s the main course — the traditional Thanksgiving turkey — which is akin to your company website. All eyes gravitate to it, even vegetarians admire a perfectly

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Using CRM for Email Marketing [template]

CRM: A $36 Billion Industry To succeed in today’s economy, businesses are faced with organizing a huge amount of information about customers and potential customers. Unless that information is easy to locate, it can be difficult to make sense of

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How To Get Big League Marketing Results For Your Small Business

5 Marketing tips from Major League Baseball Now that the baseball season is over, let’s look at what regular businesses can learn from the Major Leagues about competition, winning and losing, marketing to fans, and creating a following. No matter

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Storytelling Propels Content Marketing

“Stories can turn anonymous strangers into people that matter.” Paul Bloom Professor of Psychology, Yale University There’s something about story-telling that stirs the mind. Since the beginning of time, humankind has survived and cultures to this day continue to develop

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