Month: December 2015

The Wisdom Of A Peer Group

A group of peers - Crest Consulting

In 2015 I met many business owners that were looking for a cost effective marketing solution. In 2016 I’ll deliver it to a select handful of them. Learn how you can participate. Why a Peer Group? The image of the

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7 Keys to Marketing Success

Playing cards - Crest Consulting Magic 7

Everybody wants better marketing results. If only there were a foolproof recipe that would guarantee it. There is. Working with small and mid-sized companies, we’ve identified seven practices, techniques, and traits that must be present for marketing to succeed. We

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Content Marketing Strategy and [Free Year-End Checklist]

Year-end marketing checklist from Crest Consulting

A Year-End Content Marketing Strategy For marketers – professionals who measure every metric in order to tell themselves and their clients what’s working – the end of the calendar year is a special gift: It’s time to measure what went

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Finding Your Intended Audience

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In order to generate leads online, you need (a) followers and (b) content Content alone doesn’t create followers. You can’t create proper content until you have a full understanding of the intended audience you’d like to have following you. Marketers have

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What Small Businesses Can Learn From Corporate Marketing

Setting a Strategy - Crest Consulting

What is Strategic Marketing? Words can be confusing. Take these: Goals, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics. In football: The goal each week is to win the game. The objective of each game is to score more points than your opponent. Great

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