Month: January 2016

What To Expect From Your Marketing Department

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Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive — just well thought out. New businesses and start-ups can now compete on a large scale at a fraction of the cost. Technology allows anyone to market and

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Creative Marketing Embraces Change

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The Scariest Word In Business: C H A N G E In 1995 when Amazon went online people were skeptical about using a credit card to make online purchases. Fast forward to the most recent Black Friday: in-store sales were

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For a Content Marketing Strategy That Works: Focus on Education

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An Educated Consumer When Sy Syms, said, “An educated consumer is our best customer” in 1974, he was hoping to sell more clothing. Syms sold “seconds” — clothes that did not meet designers’ quality standards — and overstock items. By

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Want a Content Marketing Strategy that Works? Focus on Benefits!

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Product Features? Advantages? Benefits = Value! Many years ago, I interviewed for a sales job. The sales manager leaned across the desk and said “So, you think you’re a good salesperson? Sell me this pen!” This was a very long

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