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Finding Content for Your Content Marketing

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Content: What Is It? Where Does It Come From? The virtues of content are well documented. Yet, if Content is King, then how come more companies aren’t using it effectively as part of their marketing strategy? Many companies I meet

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A Not-So Creative Marketing Approach: Human Behavior

A Not-So Creative Marketing Approach Do you know the Jitterbug? Not the dance, the Samsung Jitterbug flip phone – the one with really big numbers on the keypad that is marketed to seniors – folks who want to stay connected but are

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For a Content Marketing Strategy That Works: Focus on Education

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An Educated Consumer When Sy Syms, said, “An educated consumer is our best customer” in 1974, he was hoping to sell more clothing. Syms sold “seconds” — clothes that did not meet designers’ quality standards — and overstock items. By

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Want a Content Marketing Strategy that Works? Focus on Benefits!

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Product Features? Advantages? Benefits = Value! Many years ago, I interviewed for a sales job. The sales manager leaned across the desk and said “So, you think you’re a good salesperson? Sell me this pen!” This was a very long

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Content Marketing Strategy and [Free Year-End Checklist]

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A Year-End Content Marketing Strategy For marketers – professionals who measure every metric in order to tell themselves and their clients what’s working – the end of the calendar year is a special gift: It’s time to measure what went

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