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What To Expect From Your Marketing Department

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Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive — just well thought out. New businesses and start-ups can now compete on a large scale at a fraction of the cost. Technology allows anyone to market and

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Value – What is it and Why it Matters

What do your clients value? As company owners, we think about our business in terms of activity and the transactions that take place in each department: HR, Accounting & Finance, Production & Quality Control, Marketing & Sales, R&D, Customer Support

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Marketing Lesson From a Newborn

The Routine A routine is a custom that we adhere to. Practiced regularly, routines form habits. Some habits are good, others are not so good. Some habits are developed over time unknowingly. When my son was a newborn, I formed

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Who’s In Charge Here?

11 really important questions Every company owner and manager needs to answer these truthfully. Are you running your business or is your business running you? Find out if you’re in touch with your company. Take this 5-minute quiz. These True/False

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