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Presenting vs. Training: What’s the Difference? [Great video]

Speakers microphone by Crest Consulting

Hit the Road Jack!* Did I really tell my wife I was going to “hit the road and become a professional speaker?” There’s something, for me, that’s very rewarding about connecting with an audience. Preparing and delivering a message that

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Replace Fear of Marketing with Creative Marketing

Snake Oil Anyone? In the 1800s, the Main Street of many small towns provided the stage for the snake oil salesman, a huckster schooled in the art of marketing and selling hype. He typically had a booming voice, decorated his

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Storytelling Propels Content Marketing

“Stories can turn anonymous strangers into people that matter.” Paul Bloom Professor of Psychology, Yale University There’s something about story-telling that stirs the mind. Since the beginning of time, humankind has survived and cultures to this day continue to develop

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