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Get More Subscribers: Take the High Road

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Get More Subscribers by Taking the High Road Has this ever happened to you? You meet someone at a business event and miraculously you end up on their mailing list. I don’t know about you but I consider this assumptive

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How to Blog Successfully Part II: 6 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post

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Blogging Best Practices Have you ever had the experience of doing your best work – a really outstanding job – and then realized that no one was there to see it? Writing a blog is only part of the online

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The Presidential Primary as a Sales Funnel

What do the Presidential primaries have to do with marketing? Everything! If the primary season is a sales funnel, getting voters to vote for you is the ultimate conversion. We’ll have to wait until November to see which candidate has

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5 Social Media Management Tips You Can Use Today [free eBook]

Social Media Management in 10 Minutes a Day If you haven’t figured out how to make social media work for your company or you have a nagging feeling you should be paying more attention to it – this article is

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A Peer Group for Business Owners

The Power of a Peer Group – Businesses come in many flavors. So do their owners. While many stick to their core identity through thick and thin, others morph and renew their business with surprising regularity. A business owner is

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Replace Fear of Marketing with Creative Marketing

Snake Oil Anyone? In the 1800s, the Main Street of many small towns provided the stage for the snake oil salesman, a huckster schooled in the art of marketing and selling hype. He typically had a booming voice, decorated his

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Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

The most valuable real estate you own Does your website look like a company brochure on the web? Is every page on your website prompting visitors to take clear, specific, action? Is your website an online advertisement telling people how

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