“When (David) founded Crest Consulting in 2014, I leapt at the opportunity to engage him in our marketing efforts. He did not disappoint.

 David has provided many insights into launching our product…

 He has also been stellar in direct interactions with potential customers.  He has brought ideas and approaches to us that we had not thought of in the three years we have been working on our product… and he consistently delivered more than expected.

 David is an insightful marketing professional with a seemingly unlimited supply of good ideas.  He is unusually creative and resourceful and impeccably organized and responsive.

 I highly recommend David and his marketing services.  He will provide novel insights and creative ideas that will advance your business and help you achieve your goals.”

John S. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

Co-Founder and CEO


“I’ve been working with David on my marketing for GrowthCast and I’ve really come to value his thoughtful input.  Whether it’s a big strategic initiative, or input on website copy or other materials, David takes the time to understand the situation and offer valuable suggestions.  His decades of real-world marketing experience make him a valued and trusted advisor.  I’d highly recommend working with David to grow your business.”

Judi Otton, Founder