Month: June 2016

CRM Email Marketing Best Practices

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Which is Better for Marketing – CRM & Email or Social Media? Social Media Marketing Social media has grown ten-fold over the last decade. It has influence in politics, work, life and communications around the world. Social media is terrific for

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For Better Lead Conversion – Sell Yourself

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Go Big, Be Unique, Be Yourself Parity in Sports In sports, when the talent of all the teams in a league is roughly equal, the level of competition is good and the odds of defeating your opponent in any given

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Do You Have a Seasonal Marketing Mix?

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What’s your seasonal marketing mix? Companies, like people, form habits. With summer right around the corner, what are your business expectations for the season? Some people see the summer as a slow time for business, others see endless opportunities and

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Finding Content for Your Content Marketing

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Content: What Is It? Where Does It Come From? The virtues of content are well documented. Yet, if Content is King, then how come more companies aren’t using it effectively as part of their marketing strategy? Many companies I meet

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