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Finding Content for Your Content Marketing

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Content: What Is It? Where Does It Come From? The virtues of content are well documented. Yet, if Content is King, then how come more companies aren’t using it effectively as part of their marketing strategy? Many companies I meet

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Finding Your Intended Audience

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In order to generate leads online, you need (a) followers and (b) content Content alone doesn’t create followers. You can’t create proper content until you have a full understanding of the intended audience you’d like to have following you. Marketers have

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Thanksgiving Side Dishes and Corporate Marketing

Creative Marketing results in Holiday Feast Compare your business to a holiday feast. There’s the main course — the traditional Thanksgiving turkey — which is akin to your company website. All eyes gravitate to it, even vegetarians admire a perfectly

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Why People Don’t Trust Marketing

The cream doesn’t always rise to the top – Sometimes it gets stuck in the middle I’ve been saying for weeks, months, years that your content needs to be TRM* — Timely, Relevant and Meaningful. You’d think this message would

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How to write a blog that generates leads [free worksheets]

Blogging for leads As a business owner, you know the majority of your prospective customers will start with a search of the web before they make a purchase. Therefore you need to have a great online, or digital, presence. For

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How to Create Content That Gets Read

Why Should I Read This? When it comes to developing content, clients frequently ask two questions: 1)    How often should we be generating content? and 2)    Where are we going to find all that content? The answers are often the

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