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Do You Have a Seasonal Marketing Mix?

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What’s your seasonal marketing mix? Companies, like people, form habits. With summer right around the corner, what are your business expectations for the season? Some people see the summer as a slow time for business, others see endless opportunities and

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Should I Use White Papers in Marketing Today?

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Are White Papers Dead? White papers have been an important part of B2B communication for longer than the Internet. Before going viral was even a thing, white papers — originally short government briefs — were mailed to recipients. On paper!

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Educating Prospects – The Key to Modern Marketing

Educating Prospects

Educating Prospects Marketing by educating prospects is much more than inviting a potential customer to visit your website or handing them some printed material. It means getting to know them and giving them what they need to know you. How do

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Replace Fear of Marketing with Creative Marketing

Snake Oil Anyone? In the 1800s, the Main Street of many small towns provided the stage for the snake oil salesman, a huckster schooled in the art of marketing and selling hype. He typically had a booming voice, decorated his

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What To Expect From Your Marketing Department

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Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive — just well thought out. New businesses and start-ups can now compete on a large scale at a fraction of the cost. Technology allows anyone to market and

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7 Keys to Marketing Success

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Everybody wants better marketing results. If only there were a foolproof recipe that would guarantee it. There is. Working with small and mid-sized companies, we’ve identified seven practices, techniques, and traits that must be present for marketing to succeed. We

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What Small Businesses Can Learn From Corporate Marketing

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What is Strategic Marketing? Words can be confusing. Take these: Goals, Objectives, Strategy and Tactics. In football: The goal each week is to win the game. The objective of each game is to score more points than your opponent. Great

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