7 Keys to Marketing Success

7 Keys to Marketing Success

Everybody wants better marketing results. If only there were a foolproof recipe that would guarantee it.

There is. Working with small and mid-sized companies, we’ve identified seven practices, techniques, and traits that must be present for marketing to succeed. We call them the Magic 7.

Surprisingly, the Magic 7 are not new, breakthrough concepts. They are the foundation of good marketing practices. They consist of seven specific things you can do to improve and guarantee your marketing success.

But what about cost – doesn’t marketing success depend on lots of money? Not necessarily. The Magic 7 are free. Yes, Virginia, there really is a cost-effective method to ensure that your marketing is focused and designed for success from the outset and it’s called the Magic 7.

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So why doesn’t everybody implement them? For some, the desire for instant gratification takes precedence over long-term marketing effectiveness. For others, it’s a matter of time and patience to see it through.

Our experience shows that clients of all sizes who are willing take the time to work through the seven concepts explained here experience dramatically better results from their marketing.

Follow these steps systematically and your marketing will take flight. Approach them haphazardly, and your marketing strategy is merely a wish. To succeed in business, you must be unwavering about each and every aspect. The Magic 7 will provide your business with a solid foundation for marketing.

  1. Determine what you want from your marketing: leads, subscribers, website traffic, sales or something else. Before jumping into the latest marketing trend (social media, website, blog, podcasting, video, live streaming, etc.) make sure it aligns with your strategic goals and objectives. When your goals are S.M.A.R.T. – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound – they are easier to measure. Set yourself a deadline for reaching specific goals.
  2. Your unique selling proposition separates you from your competition. Make sure you are highlighting it in all of your communications. Identify what makes it worth doing business with you by answering these questions: What results do you promise? Can you prove it? What do you do better and differently than anyone else in your industry? And, what is the specific benefit to your prospect?
  3. To market effectively, you need to identify your ideal client. Develop a deep understanding of this individual, their business and what their biggest challenges are. Figure out what moves them to make decisions. Your target audience may include more than one ideal client and they each may have different needs and wants. Create profiles for each one. In today’s marketplace, sellers and buyers connect through commonality. You earn clients’ trust by showing them that you understand their business and their business challenges. You can earn their respect as a Subject Matter Expert in the field.
  4. Instead of relying on traditional media marketing to pitch your product or services, deliver content that educates your prospects, teaches them to make better decisions, and positions you as a thought leader. Communicate directly to your ideal client profiles. Develop a content marketing strategy and design campaigns around educational content, so it’s targeted to both satisfy a client need and your own goals and objectives. (Use keywords that your ideal clients use in search to make your content findable online.)
  5. Distribute your content through channels where your prospects go to look for answers and solutions to their problems. You can determine which channels to use from your already developed personas of your ideal clients. Consider which formats (newsletters, webinars, podcasts, networking opportunities or video, etc.) will resonate best with your ideal target client. Using your list of clients and potential clients, create and segment your email list for regular and direct communication. Automate the process so that it doesn’t absorb all of your time.
  6. In order to meet your goals and objectives, you need to be able to measure and analyze your progress. Measure everything. Use A/B testing. For example: two emails with different subject lines sent randomly for similar instances. Measure the outcome and use the best-performing ones in order to achieve your monthly, quarterly and annual goals. Develop a data set that will help drive your decisions.
  7. A successful marketing plan requires continuous, incremental improvement. Ensure you are always moving, listening to your audience, adjusting and tweaking your approach based on what your measurements show. For the example above, continue to test against your best-performing subject lines to maintain a process of continuous improvement.

Over time, we’ve recognized that these Magic 7 practices are a requirement for successful marketing.

You want your business to succeed. Marketing isn’t easy. A vibrant marketing approach is essential to your success. It requires a focused effort, experience and planning. If you develop a marketing approach using the Magic 7, your marketing will thrive.

If you’re too busy, or don’t have the personnel to dedicate to a strategic marketing methodology, contact Crest for a free, 30-minute consultationand find out how we can help you deploy a more-effective marketing plan using the Magic 7.

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