A Peer Group for Business Owners

A Peer Group for Business Owners
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The Power of a Peer Group –

Businesses come in many flavors. So do their owners. While many stick to their core identity through thick and thin, others morph and renew their business with surprising regularity.

A business owner is responsible for everything. They know it’s a constant balancing act to juggle tasks and resources so that orders go out the door on time, budgets are balanced, and customers’ needs are met day after day.

Yet despite all their experience, skill and knowledge required to keep the doors open, business owners are often alone. Don’t feel bad for them – it’s the path they’ve chosen. And, like everything else, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Most sustainable companies are pretty good at the daily grind of running a business. But sometimes being so focused on all the details necessary to keep things moving forward every day prevents owners from seeing the big picture. What exactly is the big picture? It varies. The real question is:

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What’s the Big Picture for You?

There are as many reasons to start a business, as there are to not start a business.

One of the biggest downsides for many business owners is a feeling of ‘going it alone’. If you could eliminate the risk and the loneliness, nearly everybody would start a business.

What if there was a support desk for business owners? What would it look like? Imagine if there was a place for owners that had access to:

  • A business help line.
  • Great coaches.
  • A practical, affordable, marketing program.
  • Someone to hold you accountable.
  • Live training webinars.
  • Weekly Ask the Expert calls.
  • A peer group that always had your best interest in mind.

Fortunately, there’s Small Business USA, an organization dedicated to your success. It’s not a leads or referral group. It’s not a civic event or a fundraiser. It’s a place where business owners learn, exchange ideas, and hold each other accountable. It’s a safe place to share confidential information with peers that support, advise, and encourage you.

Not for Everybody

Being a Small Business USA member is both hard work and rewarding. As a listener and a guest on their Ask the Expert calls, I’ve heard the concerns and issues many small business owners have. Small Business USA offers a toolset of proven, practical advice to help business owners grow their business and achieve their personal goals.

If you are:

  • Finding profits are inconsistent from month to month.
  • Not having fun anymore running your business.
  • Constantly battling a Crisis of The Day that takes up much of your time.
  • Giving away too much for a low hourly rate.

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Take a serious look at Small Business USA. As an elite advisor and facilitator for members, Crest is forming peer-to-peer groups for businesspeople who seek to make their personal experience rewarding and their company as successful as possible.

Peer-to-peer group members get access to experts in human resources, sales, finance and risk management, and a world-class marketing program that provides you with fast, measurable results. All of these resources will help you create a competitive advantage to stand out among other businesses in your field.

Sign up here to learn more or contact us to see if a peer-to-peer group is right for you.

Wouldn’t it be great to never feel alone in business? Crest Consulting can help you realize maximum profitability and productivity, develop your business and marketing strategies, balance your business with the rest of your life, and address many other business issues you face – and if we can’t, we’ll point you to someone who can.

Have you been involved in peer-to-peer group? How well did it work for you? Let us know in the comments section below. A real person reads and responds to all comments.


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