Results Marketing Begins With Education

The Success of Your Business

No matter what you sell, the success of your business depends on helping potential customers make the best decision when they are ready to buy.

Crest Consulting Marketing ChartsFor providers of services like insurance, banking and investment guidance, that means breaking down often-complex products into meaningful propositions: How do I figure out how to retire comfortably? Can I make a deposit while sitting on my couch? Will my family’s lifestyle change if I get hit by a bus?

How To Get Customers

If you are in charge of marketing for one of these companies, the opportunity to educate consumers is greater than ever. Traditional advertising used to disrupt us with headlines about low fees, high interest rates and free toasters to open an account. Then when the buyer got in the door, a sales rep would explain differences between term and variable life, managed vs. index funds, and the intricacies of a 401K.

An Educated Consumer

Today’s consumers educate themselves before you even have a chance to say hello. They are conducting their own research on the Internet and making preliminary decisions about what types of products would best suit their needs. Herein lies the opportunity – marketing education.

It is at this point in their research where you must connect and showcase your expertise and begin to build trust with prospects. When they search for solutions to their problems, they have to find you in addition to the products and services you offer. Only then will have the opportunity to convert them to a qualified lead.

The education you provide gives you an opportunity to teach them about the industry you serve. It positions your company as subject-matter experts in the field and makes it easier to begin a relationship that will help them understand that you can provide them with solutions that best suit their needs.

Enter Inbound Marketing

This is the basis of content or inbound marketing. Instead of buying a mailing list and sending information out to a mass of people, most of whom are not interested in your products, inbound allows you to educate and connect with individuals who are seeking products and services that you sell.

The cost per lead for inbound marketers is significantly lower when compared to traditional marketing. That’s why more companies are practicing inbound marketing than ever before and the use of inbound continues to grow. Who wouldn’t want more leads for less money? But don’t just take our word for it.

The facts speak for themselves 

Our partner HubSpot surveyed over 3,500 marketing and sales professionals across the globe and developed a comprehensive report that shows the impact inbound marketing has had on their businesses.

We’ve chosen 10 powerful charts from this report to share with you. The results might surprise you. Download the charts now.



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