Using Twitter and social media marketing to grow your business

Successfully Market Your Business with Twitter

In today’s world, social media marketing is an important part of how you market your business. Some companies concentrate exclusively on one outlet – LinkedIn, for example – However, the best social media outlets for your business are the ones your customers use. In most cases you’ll be involved with more than one. Today, we’ll focus on Twitter.Social media marketing, Tips on Twitter from Crest

Like all social media initiatives, Twitter requires forethought and time. It is an efficient way to inform and entice visitors to a blog post, a website or a special offer. The mandate that your tweets must be conveyed in just 140 characters forces you to be concise and creative in how you convey your messages. As a result, people find Twitter persuasive.

According to a 2014 Twitter survey, 73 percent of respondents said they feel more positive about a business after they follow the company and read its tweets; 70 percent of respondents said they would re-tweet a company’s message if they like the business; and 60 percent said they have made a purchase because of Twitter.

Here are some ideas to help you communicate in short bursts that attract attention.

Be yourself. It’s good if your voice – your sense of humor, your “take” on things – comes through. Readers will respond better if you represent your business without sounding too corporate. Should you create a personal account and a business account? You are your business… So keep it simple. It’s easier to maintain one site.

Think about value. What in those 140 characters will make your followers click a link or take another action?

Include links. Links to web content, like a video, photos, blog posts, a web page, or a document expands the amount of information you can include in a tweet. Tweets with images get more responses. To increase reader response further, ask a question or explain how the content in the link fits into the big picture.

Shorten your links with tools from Google, HubSpot or bitly. You conserve those 140 characters when you shorten the link and it still gets your readers where you want them to go.

Use hash tags. Adding the # sign in front of a key word or topic – such as #twittertips – broadens the reach of your message. Anyone interested in the subject will be able to easily join the conversation by searching Twitter for that hash tag.

Make sure your Twitter account matches your other social media and websites. Use the same colors and choose a Twitter account name that is consistent with your online brand and presence.

Join conversations. Keep an eye on Twitter through relevant hash tags or the trending discussions at Twitter, and join in when it’s relevant to you.Do not tweet only to sell. Focus on how your products and services benefit your audience.

Be a good listener. When someone asks you a question, answer it. Ignoring comments is the fastest way to lose an audience – and you are working to build one.

Help others tweet your material. Add a tweet button from Twitter to your blogs or website.

Personalize your business. Write about an employee’s story, or your own.

Save time. Check out sites like Buffer, HubSpot and Hootsuite, which allow you to schedule tweets several days in advance. That’s convenient, but remember the messages you have scheduled and if circumstances have made them sound dated, rewrite them.

Business owners and marketers are responsible for many tasks. Maintaining a Twitter account does not have to be overwhelming. With a little planning, you can confidently convey your business personality in 140 characters or less and create a loyal following. For some examples, check out the Crest Twitter account.

Have you been creating a following on Twitter?

Share what’s working for you in the Comments section below. A real person reads and responds to all comments.



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