How to Increase Sales: Reduce Risk

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Want to Increase Sales? Reduce the Risk “Be wary of the man who urges an action in which he himself incurs no risk.” Joaquin Setanti To Live Is To Risk We all face risk in our personal and professional lives.

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For the Best Marketing Results – Go Beyond the Four P’s

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Get More From Your Marketing Everyone who’s taken a college marketing class in the last 40 years was introduced to the longtime, classic marketing mix defined as The 4P’s: Product, Pricing, Placement and Promotion. While it may be useful to

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How to Blog Successfully Part II: 6 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Post

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Blogging Best Practices Have you ever had the experience of doing your best work – a really outstanding job – and then realized that no one was there to see it? Writing a blog is only part of the online

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How to Blog Successfully: Blogging Best Practices [free eBook]

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Blogging Best Practices: How to Blog Successfully Recently we discussed the benefits of starting a blog for your business. But successful blogging involves more than just writing and hitting the send button. Blogging success is measured by Audience Interaction &

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The Presidential Primary as a Sales Funnel

What do the Presidential primaries have to do with marketing? Everything! If the primary season is a sales funnel, getting voters to vote for you is the ultimate conversion. We’ll have to wait until November to see which candidate has

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Blogging Best Practices: Tips for Starting a Blog

Should I Start a Blog? Tips for Starting a Blog If you could do one thing for your business that would: Provide up to 67% more leads Position you as an industry thought leader Get 55% more website visitors Would

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A Not-So Creative Marketing Approach: Human Behavior

A Not-So Creative Marketing Approach Do you know the Jitterbug? Not the dance, the Samsung Jitterbug flip phone – the one with really big numbers on the keypad that is marketed to seniors – folks who want to stay connected but are

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5 Social Media Management Tips You Can Use Today [free eBook]

Social Media Management in 10 Minutes a Day If you haven’t figured out how to make social media work for your company or you have a nagging feeling you should be paying more attention to it – this article is

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Business Networking Tips You Can Use [Free Networking Decoder]

Business Networking Tips What does networking mean to you? To some, it’s a great way to meet a diverse group of people with similar interests. Others see it as an obligation. Some people view networking as an opportunity to engage

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Educating Prospects – The Key to Modern Marketing

Educating Prospects

Educating Prospects Marketing by educating prospects is much more than inviting a potential customer to visit your website or handing them some printed material. It means getting to know them and giving them what they need to know you. How do

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